I’ll Try Anything Once.

Mr Dylan felt nervous and queasy. Nervous because Tombo was expecting him to eat his fill of the dead rabbit; queasy because although he was very hungry, the meal provided did not look at all inviting. Tombo appeared not to notice, he told the young cat to get stuck in once, he certainly wasn’t going to beg him to eat. He could trench his way through rabbit any day, without having to share.

Dylan sniffed warily around the remnants of the carcass, his nostrils atwitching, his whiskers aquiver. How could such a horrible sight smell so good. ‘Maybe, if I close my eyes and pretend its fish, it might not be so bad,’ he thought. He shut his eyes tight, and stuck out a hesitant tongue. Tombo sat down his eyes gaping at the antics of the young kitchen. ‘What the’…’oh…oh… its all alright,’ blurted out Dylan. ‘I’m just going to have some.’ So under Tombo’s gaze, he shut his eyes and took an enormous bite. He chewed it around and around, showing a definite unwillingness to swallow. He glanced across at Tombo who was grinning. ‘Its good isn’t it Dylan, go on take as much as you like, I’m nearly full now anyway.’ The younger cat obediently gulped the mouthful down; and surprise, surprise, it wasn’t at all bad. Rather more the opposite. Dylan had to confess, it tasted rather good.

Unfortunately, he’d been slow off the mark finding out how good it was, he now discovered there wasn’t really much left, no wonder Tombo felt full up, he’d practically gorged his way through the lot. So poor Dylan had to contend himself with the pickings, so generously left, by his gluttonous friend. But the big cat showed no remorse, he was already beginning his methodical wash and brush up. Cats are the cleanest of creatures, they wash thoroughly after every meal; their paws, then their faces, even remembering behind their ears.

Tombo stretched …. mmm, it was lovely to feel so clean, lovelier still to feel clean and full. He padded slowly around, pressing the tall grass flat, then slump!! He collapsed sleepily in a heap.

Mr Dylan watched all of this rather bewildered. ‘What are you laying there for,’ he queried. ‘I’m porking,’ replied the tomcat drowsily. ‘Porking,’ echoed Dylan, ‘what’s porking?’Tombo gave out one of his long suffering sighs. ‘Look young un,’ he said trying to show a little tolerance. ‘I killed a rabbit, then I pigged myself, now I’m going to pork out, Okay!’

Dylan felt utterly confused. ‘Yes. Well yes, I just thought maybe we should be getting back.’ Tombo’s eyes popped open. ‘Back…back where?’ he demanded. ‘Well home, er…back home,’ suggested Dylan. ‘Why, for goodness sake…tell me why,’ asked the big cat. ‘It was just that I thought my family might be missing me…maybe even out looking,’ his voice trailed away; Tombo wasn’t listening any more, he was fast asleep.

Posted on: 10, December, 2016 | Author: editor
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