Think, before You Hunt.

Dylan watched as the scruffy boy walked away .’Lost,’ thought Dylan, ‘lost; how can I be lost, I only live over there.’ He turned expecting to see the garden with the shed he knew so well, but of course it wasn’t there. After all this running and chasing, he’d landed himself in a right pickle.

‘Lost, but… but… I can’t be lost, … not proper lost.’ But he was, and to make matters worse the warm sun and blue sky were fast disappearing behind cold grey clouds. ‘All I wanted was a bit of excitement… not a lot, just a bit, just enough to make a change.’ He sat puzzling what to do next.’Perhaps if I sit here the boy John will see me and take me home.’

But the feeling of adventure was fast leaving him, and the idea of sitting in one place hoping to be found was soon forgotten. He began to take stock of his surroundings. Plenty of trees bushes and the like, masses and masses of grass, … it was then he spotted a familiar figure. Tombo! The kitten could hardly contain his joy. Tombo… he was the very one to show Dylan the way back home. He ran happily towards the big cat. dylan2‘I’m lost… I’m lost,’ he blurted out in Tombo’s face. The beautiful tom-cat stared at Dylan without a trace of expression on his face. ‘Lost you may well be,’ answered Tombo, ‘but what is much more important, I’m hungry.’ Then quite suddenly Dylan realised that he too was feeling peckish. He gazed at Tombo expectantly as if by magic the older cat would produce a feast for them both. ‘Ever tasted rabbit ,’asked Tombo using his most superior tone. ‘Rabbit,’ echoed Dylan, ‘er… no, not that I can remember.’ The truth was Dylan had never heard of rabbit, never mind tasted it. ‘Do you know what a rabbit looks like,’ asked Tombo again, in a very very upperty manner.

Dylan walked round and round in a circle thinking hard. Then straight up to Tombo, ‘No… no I can’t say I do know what a rabbit looks like.’ ‘Mmm, I see’ said Tombo, studying the younger cat with a practice eye. ‘ Fancy doing some hunting with me, eh.’ Dylan could hardly believe his ears. Hunting with the famous Tombo, why it would be the talk of all the village when it got around. ‘You mean, with you… you’d actually take me with you,’ stammered Dylan. ‘I might,’ said Tombo, beginning to enjoy the adoration he was clearly getting from the black kitten. ‘Course you wouldn’t have to get scared, or want to come home.’ Tombo’s challenging words have the desired effect. ‘Of course not,’ Dylan retorted, ‘I’m bigger than I look.’ Tombo couldn’t quite work that one out, so he ignored it. ‘Keep very close to me,’ he warned. ’Do not stray at all. Follow in my footsteps all the time, or you might be caught in a nasty type trap.’ Tombo stretched, he had a feeling he was going to get great pleasure out of teaching this youngster a wrinkle or two. ‘Let’s be off then little ‘un,’ said Tombo in a more kindly way. And Dylan followed them massive tom-cat into the bushes full of trust and confidence.

Next month Part 9; ‘I Feel Sick.’

Published with the kind permission of Mrs Sylvia Hood.

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  1. Apologies to those readers waiting for The Wonderful World of Mr.Dylan Part 9; I do have it in hand.

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