Thought it was about time the blog presented another pictorial quiz. This one is called The Young Ones and all you have to do is to put a name to the young face. The answers will appear next week along with the second half of The Young Ones quiz. 

Some faces stand out as very obvious; whereas some others need a bit of thought and imagination. Good luck to all.

Posted on: 24, July, 2021 | Author: editor
Categories: Humorous/Fun
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  1. The Quiz Answers
    1 Barbara Streisand
    2 Bill Clinton
    3 Clint Eastwood
    4 Anne Kirkbride ( Deidre Barlow)
    5 Benedict Cumberbatch
    6 David Beckham
    7 Britney Spears
    8 Goldie Hawn
    9 Hugh Grant
    10 Winston Churchill
    11 Elizabeth Taylor
    12 Harry Styles
    13 Marilyn Monroe
    14 Mick Jagger
    15 George Clooney
    16 Elton John

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