On Sunday morning a small group of villagers gathered at the T-junction of Risby Lane and Little Weighton Road to await the procession of approximately 102 tractors. We chatted and made new acquaintances and refreshed old ones with people we had not seen for some time while keeping an eye down Risby Lane with growing anticipation.

The tractor cavalcade started at Low Hunsley Farm and then travelled down through Little Weighton before turning on to Dunflat Lane and then on towards Risby Lane and Walkington.

It was all a bit like the Tour De Yorkshire without the continuous police motor cycle escorts with flashing lights and sirens. Two police officers did come up Risby Lane, well before the tractors, in what appeared to be an oversized golf buggy. Then two official 4×4’s arrived to marshal the junction and advised the now bigger crowd that the procession was  20 minutes away.

And then they were upon us lumbering up the lane with clouds of smoke and dust and a few bystanders started clapping and waving especially a group of small boys to which this was ‘tractor heaven.’ Tractors of every age, size, shape and colour with famous names like Massey Ferguson, John Deere, Fordson Dexta  and David Brown.The older, smaller tractors came first and then the much newer and larger beasts appeared and turned left up towards Townend Road without breaking speed. 

The tractor procession was organised by members of Beverley Young Farmers in memory of local farmer Derek Cash and the money donated, to those shaking the collection tins, was on behalf of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. After leaving the village the tractors went on to Bishop Burton, Cherry Burton, Etton, Sancton, North Newbald and back to the starting point.

In retrospect I think it was more satisfying than the Tour because it did not whiz by in a few hectic seconds, this was more sedate and anyway a few of the older tractors had lost their whiz.

Well done to all those taking part, as well as the organisers, of what turned out to be a spectacular procession. The tractors raised the fantastic sum of approximately £4000 for the Air Ambulance. A nice morning’s work!

Posted on: 7, June, 2021 | Author: editor
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