The walkington-life blog has not been its usual self recently (apart from the effects of covid), this has been due to a software upgrade that unfortunately did not go as planned. The result was that adding new items to the blog became difficult. I would like to confirm that everything is now okay, but sadly this is not the case, the blog software is now a bit dated and needs a major overhaul.

After discussing alternatives with the support team from the internet hosting company, I decided to re-instate the old software to how it was before the so called upgrade. This has now been completed; however, what that means is the software will no longer be supported and it may develop further probems/faults in the future. So, we will operate as normal, ignoring the software upgrade, until that day when the software gives up entirely and the blog will cease to operate. That hopefully will be someway off yet.

Posted on: 18, April, 2021 | Author: editor
Categories: Editorial

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