Traffic Through Walkington

 Even Charlie the labradoodle, who is only 3  1/2, has noticed the increase in traffic as we walk through the village. Any temporary hold-up or road works soon leads to traffic build up in both directions. I’m no traffic engineer, but I have a suggestion which might ease things.

At present, the B1230 is the fastest route west from Beverley through Walkington to the M62 motorway at North Cave. Eastbound traffic leaves the M62 at North Cave heading to the north and east and also usually passes through the village.

To provide an alternative, a ‘Walkington Loop’ to the west and north of the village might provide a longer term solution. It is already used for this purpose by many drivers.

This route would take traffic heading from the M62 left from the B1230 up Wold Road just outside the village, passing the signposted picnic site and the Remembrance Garden on the right. Traffic would then turn along Walkington Heads, past Burton Gates on the right to the crossroads, the junction with Killingwoldgraves Lane, Mill Lane and Newbald Road. Traffic would be signposted left down to the big roundabout near the race course with choices towards Beverley, Hull, the Humber Bridge, York and Scarborough.   

In reverse, traffic from Beverley and elsewhere would be signposted to the M62 via the racecourse roundabout to the B1230 via Killingwoldgraves Lane, Walkington Heads and Wold Road.

There are three junctions along this route which would benefit from changing to give priority to traffic on the new main route, keeping much of the traffic out of the village. The junctions could be turned into bends rather than junctions, giving priority to through traffic.

If I have a reservation, it’s about the effect on local business in the village. The shop and pubs are a crucial part of village life and taking away passing trade might be a serious disadvantage for them. The shop has been a vital lifeline during the pandemic and we all owe the staff a huge thank-you for keeping the shop open.

And we all welcome the pubs re-opening!

Even so, this feels like a conversation worth having.

Jim Brooks and Charlie.

Posted on: 1, May, 2021 | Author: editor
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