Many Walkington residents have asked the blog to keep them up to date with any developments in the proposal, made by Jim Brooks, to establish more paths or routes around the village to facilitate walking, jogging and cycling . 

Jim has now provided plans which include some proposed paths. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that once the plans are reduced in size, to fit on the blog page, they loose some definition although it is still possible to work out the general theme.

Editor’s Note: Thanks Jim we look forward to the next update.

Posted on: 8, November, 2020 | Author: editor
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  1. Nice work if we could extend walking possibilities with ERYC support, Jim, especially with Covid social distancing being troublesome in some places in the village. A few years ago I was on the Joint Local Access Forum and the Parish Council tried to get a safe ‘trod’ (or path) down the busy Coppleflat Lane from the lights in the direction of Bentley, but EYRC would not pay for it.
    The Ramblers have just completed a map of the country’s lost footpaths, with a view to perhaps re-opening them in the future – depending on landowners’ co-operation of course. Anyone can register and search the map; there are several ‘lost’ paths recorded in our locality! Go to:

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