The Old Tip Road: Middlehowe Road

Imagine there was no road up to the Remembrance Garden, what is usually called the Tip Road. There would still be a farm track to service the farm and house, close to Townend Road, but closed to traffic except for farm vehicles.

What a fantastic improvement in amenity value for walkers, joggers, cyclists and horse riders it would be. It’s a mile and a half of gently ascending roadway with no traffic: no interruptions to a gentle stroll through open country. There are wide grass verges, avenues of trees and lovely views in all directions, but especially towards Cold Harbour Farm, High Hunsley and Bishop Burton beyond. There is hardly a building in sight and beautiful sunsets as you walk towards Newbald.

Charlie the labradoodle and me have seen deer, owls, rabbits, stoats, buzzards and kites with nesting yellow hammers and other hedgerow birds. You get an acute sense of the seasons with the changes in the trees and arable crops.

But I don’t use the walk very often because of the traffic.

On every walk, there is a need for vigilance. As soon as a car comes into sight, I have a very short time to get Charlie back on his lead. Some cars travel with little regard for other road users, barely slowing as they thunder past. Considerate drivers, who are in the great majority, still require you to take evasive action and prepare for their passing. Even other dog walkers with cars pose a problem if they park in the middle to start their walk. It’s hard not to feel vaguely hostile towards vehicular traffic even though they have a perfect right to use the road.

And there is litter, too. Discarded fast food containers, bottles, cans and, increasingly, fly-tipping. It feels sad to see such lack of respect for the countryside and the environment.

If the road didn’t exist, it would never be built. It has no value in communications terms and has no role in the transportation requirements of the area. There are parallel routes either side which easily lead to North Newbald, both within a quarter of a mile. But the road does provide the opportunity for a rat run or a more sedate and pleasant route than the other roads.

I would support closing the road to motorised vehicles, except for farm access. Middlehowe Road could be closed from Townend Road to Wold Road (the Remembrance Garden).
More radically, I would support closing the road all the way to North Newbald. The parish boundary extends well beyond the Remembrance Garden along what becomes Littlewood Road towards the junction with Whin Lane, almost at the high point of the road to North Newbald.
The Parish Council is best placed to recommend this closure to the East Riding Council. It would be good to hear feedback from residents to this proposal.

It’s time we put pedestrians first, then cyclists and finally motorists….at least along Middlehowe Road.

Jim Brooks and Charlie, the labradoodle.

Posted on: 17, May, 2021 | Author: editor
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