Sometimes in life you just want to shut the door, reach for the hobnobs, kick off your shoes and relax with a cuppa. The need for some ‘me’ time is so overwhelming you’d scream at the cat if it wanted feeding. Those moments are precious, yes? Well, I’m having one now, a little downtime, the door to the flight deck is shut and I mean shut; we have one of those high security doors, a sledge hammer wouldn’t dent it. In fact, Helga, our in flight stewardess from Finland, once tackled it head on with the heel of her shoe. Not a scratch. Marvellous!

And why has this welcome opportunity been laid at my door? Rain! Lots of lovely rain and low cloud, clouds so low, you can’t see the flag on the Church tower. No flying in this bad weather, the walkington-life plane is grounded. The old crate is sat in the corner of the sodden playing field, wrapped in a blanket of misty rain. A few of the bloggers remain to write their posts, but most drifted away home when they saw the drinks trolley was still chained up in the galley. So I’m just flicking through the village blog on my iPad, re-reading some of the recent posts and there have been some good one’s. Many people have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed the post by Robin Taylor on ‘Six Decades of Change’ where Robin (an ex senior planning officer) highlights the developments in the village. It’s hoped Robin will find the time to complete Part 2 in which he proposes to outline how he see’s future developments within the village.

And, who would have thought, that at one time, there was an active proposal to move Beverley Racecourse to Walkington. We can only imagine what kind of impact that event would have had. The village shop would definitely need a larger consignment of those delicious sausage rolls delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays. What about Fryer’s Copse then… somebody finally got out the bloggers friend – a spell checker.

Another great post was written by Samantha Johnson (Walking With Friends) in which she so eloquently described a charity walk around the village in aid of the Helen Dunning Memorial Fund. The charity which provides financial  assistance to purchase text books for young people from the village starting out on a career in one of the medical professions. On that particularly wet day the walkers raised £578 which is a tremendous achievement. Well done Samantha and friends.

We also had posts on Flemingate, the Walkington 10k, the Walkington Pits and my own personal favourite the Damsels in a Mess. Oh those Damsels!

Oh no! I thought it was too good to last long. In the words of Paul McCartney “Someone’s knockin at the door, somebody’s ringin a bell.’’ The world wants to intrude… “Do me a favour, open the door and let ‘m in.” Helga with more tea perhaps.  Unfortunately, not! It’s Alan, in his usual formal attire, tie and blazer, hands out of pockets… must be serious. “Righto, thanks Alan,” he’s just advising me that the last of the bloggers have decided to call it a day and have gone home to watch ‘Pointless’. I think they’ve made the right decision; looking out of the cockpit window I can just make out the trees on the edge of the playing field. Let’s go then and watch the telly. Funny you never get a category on famous bloggers or Helga’s favourite – Finnish television soaps of the 1980’s. Maybe tonight!

Gentle landings

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