Well,the skies above Walkington have been relatively quiet recently as our little plane has been absent for a while. Not to worry we’re back now with a full compliment drawn from the venerable company of Walkington bloggers. I can see all the usual smiling faces, crammed into business class, excited  by the prospect  of a good flight. Even Mrs Babbage is smiling, sat with her wool, way back in economy. She’s more like ballast than a blogger. But  I suppose we all contribute in our own small way. Laptops are all charged up and ready. We’re loaded up with gin, aviation fuel and sausage rolls from the shop, so that should be it. Helga, our in-flight stewardess has just finished her emergency exit routine and handed out the air sickness bags, so off we go.

Feel the excitement. The boys and girls are hanging on for dear life as we start to taxi across the playing field; then the venerable company break out in joyously, song.  “Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble”… the Ant and Dec version, of course. And we’re up… quick tweak of the controls to miss the flag on the Church tower… wheel’s up and into the blue of the blogosphere. Woweee! 

So what topics have the bloggers been interested in recently?  Well there’s been a lot of stuff on heavy goods vehicles passing through the village legally or otherwise. Comments have been made by our East Riding ward councillors as to what actions have been taken. Just reading the posts and the comments it seems there is a lack of agreement between the surveys of vehicle numbers carried out by local residents and those performed by East Riding officers. 

The Tour de Yorkshire continues to excite the village. A little bird told me that Mrs Babbage is offering the use of her front garden as a vantage point for a small donation to her Wool Fund. The fact that her garden is near Middlehowe Green is a mere detail. And, as we bloggers say, why let a small detail get in the way of a good post.

We had an excellent piece on fracking posted by Jim. What now. Ah… another argument has broken out… sort it out Helga please!

The old bloggers are supposed to be working, not fighting over which in-flight movie to watch. We only have the two… “A White Christmas” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. No contest really, “A White Christmas” is Helga’s favourite film , she doesn’t like James Stewart and she’s pushing the drinks trolley….la la la with every Christmas card I write.

Another popular topic has been the film “Mr.Turner.” Anton, our self styled arts critic went to see it and is still going on about Timothy Spall (Mr.Turner) spitting at his canvas and rubbing it in with his finger like a true genius would. Anybody can spit… it’s just that we choose not too. I wonder if the spitting is made worse because it takes place in the Royal Academy of Arts rather than in the comfort of his own home. So, I guess we can expect a post on Turner very soon… I’ve told Anton – you spit on this plane and your off for good.

What’s that noise? Not another argument. Helga! What’s going on? No, I can’t sort it out,  I’m only here to fly this crate. It seems the James Stewart fan club has revolted and made a successful grab for the volume control. For the love of Mike! That’s it, if they can’t write nicely we’re all going home. There’re bored! What do they mean, bored. There’re supposed to be writing entertaining posts for our village blog. Look… if there’re bored tell them to look out of the window… tell them to count the heavy goods vehicles passing  the pond.

gentle landings 

Posted on: 19, April, 2015 | Author: editor
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