That’s it then, Half Term’s over and the bloggers have been coming back in one’s and two’s full of tales about their kids and grandchildren and what they’ve been up to. So the old flying bus remained in the Hangar and the maintenance boys have been going round kicking the tyres and polishing the fuselage. Some of the older bloggers came back to the playing field with their grandkids and asked if Helga, our in-flight stewardess, would give them a tour of the plane. She obliged with her full animated routine of procedures, emergency evacuation drills, life jackets the whole range of emergency situations, from sick bags to ditching.

I was pleased that nobody asked what defined an emergency situation… because on a previous occasion she told somebody ”an empty gin bottle”.  After all the arm waving, you could see the boredom, gradually etched on their little faces: they all left when it was explained that it wasn’t actually a good idea, to set off an inflatable life raft inside the plane. Sometime later I was relaxing in my deck chair, just reading the visitor numbers for February, and I could just see the dear things playing with a ball on the MUGA. The kids were doing something else. Oh, did I mention the official February visitor numbers… no, well 4141 visits, an average of 148 a day. Gosh!

Helga decided not to go home to Finland because she wanted to concentrate on reaching peak fitness ready for the Tour de Yorkshire. Yes, they’re still all intent on taking part, officially or otherwise. She’s borrowed a bike from one of the guys, and ever resourceful, had the back wheels placed on pedestals so she could peddle away and get nowhere. Much the same as my line of work – we all know that feeling… hamster in the wheel syndrome. 

Before the break we had our first European blogger, a chap called Goetz from Munich, Germany. He sat at the back of the plane with Anton, our self styled art critic and discussed Anton’s next venture into the world of art history. Welcome to walkington-life Goetz. 

Then heading towards lunchtime we all boarded the plane, laptops at the ready, the chocks were kicked out from wheels, and walkington-life went hurtling across the playing field and up into the blue sky of the blogosphere.This is the bit I like the best, full throttle and a gentle easing back on the stick and we’re up over the trees and wheels up before going over All Hallows Church. It was a real nuisance having that flag flying on the church tower, but since the accident, nobody has asked if they can have their flag back. So, no harm done then.

gentle landings

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