May – what a month! Bike races, General Elections and a significant moment for walkington-life. The excitement generated by the Le Tour de Yorkshire passing through the village will remain in the memory for a long time. Although it was over in a few minutes, the build up, the noise and the spectacle were really awesome. The comments from our little party of flag wavers was mainly one of surprise that the leading group of riders seemed so far ahead of the peloton, and that the peloton would never catch up. Smiles from the more seasoned watchers… the peloton always catches up, it slowly draws the leaders back into the  pack to be eaten whole, cycle clips and all. And, so it came to pass… the winner came from the peloton and the world equilibrium was restored.

What of the venerable company of Walkington bloggers attempt to gatecrash, sorry, participate in the great race through Walkington? Well the plan worked… after a fashion. You might remember we only had four bikes and Helga’s mini as the support and comms vehicle. The plan was to enter the race at High Hunsley crossroads and then freewheel all the way downhill making a triumphant entry into the village. Well that sort of happened. The Grande Depart from the bushes at High Hunsley was less than dignified with the downhill racers having to push the mini (sorry, support vehicle) out of a ditch, before clambering onto their bikes for the downhill assault. Unfortunately, Mrs Babbage, our Media Director gave the “go” when she saw that leading break away group I mentioned earlier. So Helga, our in-flight stewardess, and the other participants set off in luke warm pursuit and managed to get to the village escorted by a nice Police Motor Cycle escort.

However, then officialdom took over. It was decreed that they couldn’t ride through their village, a point that was made very loudly by Mrs B. So they had to push their bikes up Townend Road and then down Northgate, for the first scheduled stop, and last stop as it turned out, at the Dog and Duck. Still, we felt that the honour of the village was upheld and the venerable company could proudly say “We did it” and then as an added bonus we got to see the main race pass through the village, all except Mrs Babbage who was still in the loo.

Here we are now in the blue skies of the blogosphere, high above the village, Le Tour now but a distant memory. The old bloggers smiling and dreaming sweet dreams of when they actually could cycle up Townend Road. 

Then all of a sudden a shout went up… “The Frackers are Back.” A few keen bloggers started to scribble down ideas and headlines but all to no avail. It turns out it was just the anniversary of when it all started… some good posts have followed since then, on both sides of the argument, and I guess that’s a topic we’ll keep coming back to.

And not to forget the General Election. Did you see the low turnout figure for the village, only 61%!

I apologise for that. It was my fault. The plane took off very early on Polling Day with a full compliment of bloggers and we went to Filey for the day. Helga had filled up the stocks of sausage rolls, from the shop, and off we all went. This was not a jolly, but a serious fact finding mission; the venerable company like to fly to such places, as Filey, to see if we should be twinned with them. FIFA has nothing on these boys! By the time we got back it was late and nobody from the Playing Fields Committee was available to take the landing fee’s. So, the Polling Station had closed. Fortunately, the Barrel was still open and that’s where we ended up to discuss who we would have voted for, if only we’d been here to vote. Such moments can change the tide of history.

gentle landings

PS: A significant moment for walkington-life when we achieved 5459 visitors in May. See post “Reading the 5000”

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