I think communities have come into their own during Covid. It’s been the one shining light, the one positive. It’s also shown the importance of good communities.  Shown people, who might not before have thought about it, how those around them might just need a little support. More people have smiled and said hello than ever before. They’ve seen that they need a smile so maybe others need one too.

We’ve all had TIME to get to know our community. It maybe your neighbour, your street, your village, your town, your city or simply a few people you didn’t know before.

I didn’t know Walkington village Facebook page existed before Covid. I probably didn’t need to, others in the village didn’t either. But this small piece of social media has brought our community together. It was always been a good place to live anyway, but suddenly people have been forced into stopping their chaotic lives and simply looking around them. I know so many more people now in my village than 3 months ago.

People stop and chat who never used to. Many have realised it does them good as well as other people. Someone made a load of masks and put them outside for anyone to take for free. Goods, services have been exchanged for free simply because we could.

People have been concerned about people, asking if they’re ok, do they need anything.

Tragedy alert 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

I witnessed something I found very sad and traumatic at the village pond on Wednesday…I’d finished snapping my piccies, when I saw mother duck frantically quacking and rushing round. I reached the scene and there was one of her ducklings trapped in some meshing, meshing so small, put around the island to stop it from eroding, yet somehow, and I havn’t a clue how, the duckling managed to get inside and then couldn’t get out.

I willed the mum to peck at the mesh or stretch it somehow to free her little one and she sooo tried….I couldn’t get to her but knew my village facebook page would come to the rescue, so wobbled home as fast as my legs would carry me. Within minutes of posting a piccie of the predicament the village jungle drums went into action, messages flying across the inter web  and a couple of minutes later someone asked me to go back to the site as one of the pond men were making their way there.

I trundled back down to the pond as fast as my wobble could manage and ahead of me I could see a man decked in wellies looking for the victim. As I reached him, the scene was silent.  I zoomed into the island but nothing was moving…..Sadly in the few minutes it had taken us to gather help, mum had pecked so hard that the little one had died. 😢

We both just stood there. He told me the stories of many successful rescues but sadly not this one, sometimes nature is mistakenly cruel. He promised he’d get volunteers together at the weekend and see what could be changed or replaced.

Our village has volunteers for every aspect of life. A village can’t survive without them. Ponds can’t look after themselves, they need a little help sometimes and that’s why we have a pond group of volunteers. I’m so thankful to them all for simply caring and for villagers caring about one of our smallest residents enough to help…

The playing fields, the community gardens, the village hall, the Christmas lights, all need volunteers. Sometimes, people in their haste of life forget that they don’t magically look after themselves, people give up their time to make them happen.

But what I hope Covid has taught people is that communities are for life not just for Covid…Volunteers are needed to keep communities going all year round. And volunteers needn’t be a formal title, just offering to help is volunteering, just as people have offered to help me and I’ve offered to help others in the world we found ourselves in. After all, at the beginning of all this, some people simply knew me as the ‘camera lady’, it was only after getting to know me that they realised I had dementia and offered me more help, more kindness. You don’t have to know someone’s history to realise they might need a little helping hand or a simple chat.

The community you have is the community residents create………let’s hope that’s something many more have learnt….

Wendy Mitchell

Editor’s Note: Thanks Wendy for a lovely post to remind us all how lucky we are.  I am sure it will be read and re-read many times over the coming days.

Posted on: 17, July, 2020 | Author: editor
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