Parish Council

Walkington Parish Council Meeting 7:00pm 2 November 2021, Walkington Village Hall.


21.10.01 Apologies for Absence

21.10.02 Declarations of Interest

21.10.03 Public Participation 

21.10.04 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

  1. Approval of meeting minutes 5 October 2021
  2. Matters arising from the minutes.

21.10.05 Chairman’s Communications

21.10.06 Matters for Ward Councillors

  1. Pollution
  2. Commuted Sums Fund.
  3. Northgate Footpath and Fence.

21.10.07 Community Safety Matters

21.10.08 Planning Matters

  1. Planning Application

21/03606/PLF Land north of Bramley Cottage 37a East End
Erection of a dwelling

  1. Planning Decisions
    Permission granted – 21/02691/PLF 19 Autherd Garth
    Permission granted – 21/03279/PLF Ash Dell 15 Saunders Croft
    Permission granted – 21/02707/PLF 75 All Hallows

21.10.09 Tree Matters

  1. Planning Applications
    1. 21/03989/TPO 3 George Lane
      TPO – BROADGATE HOSPITAL, BROADGATE, WALKINGTON – 1987 – Crown reduce 2 no Sycamore trees (T1, T2) by 3 metres back to suitable growth points to create balanced shape; Crown reduce 1 no. Horse chestnut (T3) – large limbs overhanging property to west at 7 metres height by 4 metres, limbs over lawn to north east at 7 metres height by 3 metres, crown clean to remove major dead wood, crossing branches and epicormic growth. All pruning back to suitable growth points.

ii.21/04002/TPO 36 West End
TPO – WALKINGTON – 1972 (REF 262) G11. WALKINGTON CONSERVATION AREA – Fell 1 no. Sycamore tree (T001) due to the presence of a wet hole at the union, the tree’s one-sided nature, presence of long over-extended limbs over a building and footpaths, and risk of structural failure at the union

  • Planning Decisions

Permission Granted – 21/03569/PLF Squirrels Leap 16A East End

21.10.10 Delegations

Sherwood and Waudby Charity

21.10.11 East Riding of Yorkshire Council Matters

  1. Rough Sleeper Survey
  2. Supporting Young People.
  3. Parking Outside Dog and Duck.
  4. Newbald Parish Council – Relationship with Town and Parish Councils

21.10.12 Village Improvements and Maintenance 

  1. Red Yats Paddock
  2. Kirk Lane, Dangerous Tree

21.10.13 Finance

  1. Monthly Finance Report
  2. Draft budget 2022-23 
  3. Banking
  4. Confidential Document Shredding Service
  5. Payments

East Riding Group, pest control £60.26

Staffing and expenses £1357.13

Village Hall, room hire £25.00

East Riding Group, Red Yats Paddock Maintenance £312.00

Viking, stationary £79.69

Sherwood & Waudby Charity, rental £175.00

21.10.14 Code of Conduct

21.10.15 Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be on the 7 December 2021, 7:00pm at Walkington Village Hall.

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