Parish Council

Virtual meeting of Walkington Parish Council, 3rd November 2020 at 7:00pm.

For further details please contact the Clerk –


20.11.01 Apologies for Absence

20.11.02 Declarations of Interest

20.11.03 Matters for Ward Councillors

  1. Little Weighton Road – Stile on snicket to West Mill Rise
    The stile on the entrance to the snicket is in poor condition and ownership of the path is unknown.  The Parish Council would like the path to be included in the East Riding Definitive Map and will consider East Riding of Yorkshire Council advice.
  2. Eastern Area Sub-Committee
    The Parish Council is considering its response to the reply received to its letter regarding the handling of planning application 19/03424/PLF.
  3. Kirk Lane Drains

Councillors to give update after visiting the site. 

20.11.04 Public Participation
There will be a presentation by a resident regarding ‘Walking in Walkington’ project.

20.11.05 Chairman’s Communications

20.11.06 Minutes of the Recent Meetings of the Parish Council

  1. Approval of meeting minutes 1st September 2020
  2. Approval of meeting minutes 6th October 2020
  3. Matters arising from the minutes.

20.11.07 Community Safety Matters

Crime Statistics

20.11.08 Planning Matters

  1. Applications

20/03171/PLF 34 Megson Way
Erection of a single storey extension to rear

  1. Notices of Decision

Permission Granted: 20/02506/PLF 18 Hayward Close

20.11.09 Tree Issues

  1. Applications
    20/03368/TCA All Hallows Church, Little Weighton Road

    Walkington Conservation Area.  Fell 2 conifer trees due to the trees outgrowing their current position and affecting the specimen native broad leaf trees in the surrounding area.
  2. Notices of Decision
  3. Other Tree Matters
  1. Tree Inspections
    Councillor Hearne to update the Council on the list of trees for inspection.
  2. Trees and Hedges Red Yates Paddock
    Councillors to give update.

20.11.10 East Riding of Yorkshire Council Matters

  1. Rough Sleeper Survey
    Councillors are asked to report to the Clerk if they are aware of any incidences of rough sleeping in the village on the evening of Wednesday 11th November into the morning of Thursday 12th November 2020
  2. Code of Conduct Training
    East Riding of Yorkshire Council are providing free training for Councillors regarding the Code of Conduct, Registration and Declaration of Interests.  

20.11.11 Village Improvements and Maintenance 

  1. Pond Fence Repair
    Councillor Hearne has reported a broken fence to the east side of the gate to the pond, he has made the fence safe but it requires more permanent work.
  2. Walkington Community Tech Swap
    The Parish Council has been asked to promote a service which has been setup to help residents access technology equipment.
  3. Cycle Path Obstruction Complaint
    The Parish Council has received a complaint regarding residents leaving their bins on the cycle path and causing an obstruction to cyclists.
  4. Pond Maintenance
    The Parish Council approved a quote for pond maintenance by Mr C Dixon at the October meeting 2019 (minute ref: 19.10.12a).  Mr Dixon did not receive his letter of confirmation and the work has not been started.

20.11.12 Delegation Reports

For Councillors to report on delegated representations and duties.

20.11.13 Finance

    1. Monthly Finance Report
    2. Budget discussion for 2021-2022
    3. Payments
      1. Staff costs (inc. employer contributions) £1140.49
      2. Telephone calls £6.17
      3. Zoom subscription £14.38
      4. Photocopying £10.00
      5. Poppy Wreath £20.00
      6. East Riding Group, pest control £58.50
    4. Payments for approval
      Sherwood & Waudby Charity, rental of allotments and bus shelter £175.00
    5. Internet Banking Procedures
      Councillor Hearne as asked for an update and review if necessary.
    6. GDPR regarding publication of individual staff take home pay
      The Parish Council will consider the response received from SLCC

20.11.14 Policies and Procedures

Website Accessibility and Statement Review
The website accessibility check and statement update are in progress.

20.11.16 Exclusion of the Public

The public and press will be excluded from the meeting for discussions of a confidential nature.

20.11.17 Confidential Matters

  1. AGAR 2018-19
    The external auditors have requested more information regarding the 2018-19 audit and the decisions of the Council during this time.
  2. Clerk
    The latest draft version of the Clerk’s contract and job description, which includes all suggested amendments by the Parish Council and updated pay scale information has been circulated to all Councillors for discussion and potential approval and signing at the meeting.
  3. Parish Council Employees Folder
    The Clerk has prepared a confidential folder for the Chairman to hold and pass on to his successor.  The folder contains staff contracts, job descriptions and pay scale information and is to ensure the replacement of any documents that have been misplaced.

20.11.18 Date and Time of Future Meetings
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Tuesday 1st December 2020, at 7:00pm.  The venue is to be arranged.


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