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 1st June eMinutes of the Parish Council meeting held at 7:00pm on 1 June 2021, Walkington Village Hall.

Councillors: Councillors Mrs Swann (Chairman), Collinson, Hearne, Howard, Waterland and Whistler

Ward Councillors: Councillor Mrs Greenwood

Also present: 4 members of the public and Ms Rose (Clerk)

Note: These minutes will require approval at the next meeting of the Parish Council.

21.06.01 Apologies for Absence

Councillors Mrs Holdorf apologised for her absence.

21.06.02 Declarations of Interest

Councillor Hearne declared interests in items relating to the Sherwood and Waudby Charity and the Pond.  The Parish Council gave permission for Councillor Hearne to remain in the room but not speak during the relevant items.

21.06.03 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

  1. The meeting minutes 4 May 2021 were approved.
  2. There were no matters arising from the minutes.

21.06.04 Chairman’s Communications

The Chairman reported that unfortunately traffic is very busy in the village at present and urges residents to take care.  The bus shelter outside the Ferguson and Fawsitt has a leaky roof which will be reported to the Sherwood and Waudby Charity and the seat outside the village hall is in need of repair and will be addressed.

In order to adhere to deadlines between Parish Council meetings, the following comments were submitted against planning applications:

21/01263/PLF 53 All Hallows Road – The Parish Council had no objections to this application.  21/01195/PLF Land east of Northland Stables, Walkington Heads – The application was opposed as being contrary to the terms of the approved Development Plan.

21.06.05 Matters for Ward Councillors

Kirk Lane Drains
A long standing problem with a sewage leak on Kirk Lane, which has not been fully addressed was again reported to the Parish Council at the Annual Parish Meeting.  Correspondence has been forwarded to Ward Councillors who believed the matter had been dealt with during the recent excavation and repair of the sewer by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  

Resolved:  Ward Councillor Mrs Greenwood will raise the matter again East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

21.06.06 Public Participation 

A resident of West Mill Rise addressed the Parish Council regarding planning application 20/03809/PLF Land North of 46 Little Weighton Road.  The resident opposed the recommendation by the Parish Council that the access route to the development should be via West Mill Rise.  The resident also expressed concerns about the environmental issues raised regarding drainage.

21.06.07 Community Safety Matters

Councillors reported that there has been a car parked outside the Ferguson and Fawsitt Arms for the last three months, it has been reported to the authorities who are dealing with it.  The antisocial behaviour and crime stats were discussed and noted.  

21.06.08 Planning Matters


  1. 20/03809/PLF Land North of 46 Little Weighton Road
    Erection of nine dwellings and associated infrastructure (amended plans).  Membership of the Parish Council has changed since the previous comment was submitted against this application, there has been two resignations, a new member joining.  The new membership discussed the application at length, considered the comments of residents and recent environmental reports.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council is of the opinion that the application should be refused on this occasion.
  2. 21/00674/PLF 5 West Mill Rise
    Erection of single storey extension to rear and associated works (amended application).
    Resolved:  The Parish Council has no objections to this application.

21.06.09 Tree Matters

Permission granted – 21/01048/TPO 4 Sharps Lane
Permission granted – 21/01217/TPO 1 Megson Way
No objections raised – 21/01479/TCA 2 Taylors Rise

21.06.10 Delegations

  1. Sherwood and Waudby Charity
    The Charity stated that the trustees currently include Mr Drew, Mr Southern and Councillor Hearne.  Mr Southern and Mr Drew are up for re-election in December but they do not have to be on the Parish Council to represent the Parish Council.  If there are any candidates that would like to be trustees Mr Drew and Mr Southern will need to be notified and if they want to continue there will have to be an election.
    Resolved:  The Charity will be contacted for further clarification regarding trustees and a copy of the constitution.
  2. Playing Field Association
    The Parish Council requested that the Clerk investigates the status of the association with the charity commission.

21.06.11 East Riding of Yorkshire Council Matters

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has reviewed the Local Plan Update and is now consulting on a draft update, documents will be published for ten weeks from Friday 28th May 2021, the closing date for responses is Friday, 6th August 2021.  Residents are urged to view the documents on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website
Resolved:  Councillors will read the documentation and discuss the matter and any appropriate response at the next meeting.

21.06.12 Village Improvements and Maintenance 

  1. Tree Maintenance 

The Parish Council considered the information on the tree inspection and is continuing to seek quotes for the work needed on Kirk Lane.
Resolved:  The Parish Council accepted the quote from East Riding Group for £360 + VAT for work needed on Red Yats Paddock. 

  1. Public Rights of Way
    Councillor Hearne has asked the Parish Council to support his application for a Modification of the Definitive Map regarding the footpath along Townend Road, running between Hunsley Road and Little Weighton Road.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council is keen to support the application and the Clerk will contact the relevant department to find out what this will involve.
  2. Christmas Lights
    The Pond Committee confirmed that it would like the Parish Council to take ownership of the lights to enable insurance cover and will arrange for a valuation.  The possible implementation of safety checks on the lifebuoy and safety signs around the pond was discussed.
  3. Broadgate Playing Field
    The Parish Council received a copy of an open letter from Mill Lane United Association Football Club explaining the difficulties the club is experiencing regarding allowing public access within the conditions of their lease and insurance.  Unfortunately, the Club has suffered a social media onslaught and costly property vandalism at the ground.  The Club is a voluntary organisation that raises its own funds to maintain Broadgate Playing Field and actively supports Walkington Playing Field, the letter asks residents to support the positive contribution of the club.
    Resolved:  The letter was discussed and noted.
  4. Pond Maintenance
    The Parish Council received evidence of public liability insurance and a quote for £90.00 from M.J. Garden Maintenance for strimming the area around the pond.
    Resolved:  The quote was accepted.
  5. Overgrown Hedge
    Councillors requested the clerk report an overgrown hedge at 2 Ferguson Road to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

21.06.13 Finance

  1. Monthly Finance Report
    The report was read and noted.
  2. Payments

East Riding Group, pest control £60.29

Staffing costs £1236.88

BHIB insurance £723.18

Rackham’s Accountants Ltd £372.00
Resolved:  The payments above were approved.

  1. Annual Governance Accountability Return (AGAR) 2020-2021
  1. The Parish Council received and noted the Annual Internal Audit Report.
  2. The Parish Council considered and approved the Annual Governance Statement (Section 1).
  3. The Parish Council considered and approved the Accounting Statement (Section 2), which was previously certified by the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO).
  1. All Hallows Donation Application

The Parish Council received and considered an application for a donation by All Hallows Church.
Resolved:  The Parish Council approved a donation of £2000 to be paid in two instalments of £1000, the first immediately and the second in December 2021.

21.06.14 Exclusion of the Public

The public was excluded from the meeting for discussions of a confidential nature.

21.06.15 Staff and Volunteers

The Parish Council discussed working practices to ensure staff and volunteers are covered by public and employer’s liability insurance to ensure appropriate measures are put in place where necessary.  Resolved: The Parish Council will work with Mr Dowler to ensure insurance conditions are met while he is strimming the grass around the pond, the work will be carried out on an ‘as-needed’ basis.  The Parish Council thanked Mr Dowler for his efforts.

21.06.16 Next Meeting

The meeting closed at 9:30pm and the next Parish Council meeting will be at 7:00pm on the 6 July 2021 at Walkington Village Hall.


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