Parish Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting

Date of meeting: 03 November 2020

Venue: Virtual Meeting using Zoom software

Start time: 19:00

End time: 21:30

Councillors present: Councillors Drew (Chairman), Mrs Swann (Vice Chair), Mrs Boyle, Hearne, Mrs Holdorf, Whistler, Waterland and Waudby

Ward Councillors present: Councillor Mrs Greenwood

Absences without apologies:  

Also present: One member of the public and Ms Rose (Clerk)

Note: These minutes will require approval at the next meeting of the Parish Council.

20.11.01 Apologies for Absence

Councillor Collinson apologised for his absence.

20.11.02 Declarations of Interest

Councillors Drew and Hearne declared interests as they are both members of the Sherwood and Waudby Charity.

20.11.03 Matters for Ward Councillors

  1. Little Weighton Road – Stile on snicket to West Mill Rise
    The stile on the entrance to the snicket is in poor condition and ownership of the path is unknown.  The Parish Council would like the path to be included in the East Riding Definitive Map and considered advice from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  Ward Councillor Mrs Greenwood informed Councillors that the land is owned by Peter Ward Homes.
    Resolved: The Parish Council will contact Peter Ward Homes regarding the condition of the stile.
  2. Eastern Area Sub-Committee
    The Parish Council is considering its response to the reply received to its letter regarding the handling of planning application 19/03424/PLF.
    Resolved: The Parish Council will wait to see if an amended application is submitted.
  3. Kirk Lane Drains

Councillors visited the site and it appears action is taking place by Yorkshire Water Authority in conjunction with East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
Resolved: The Parish Council will monitor the situation.

20.11.04 Public Participation

There was due to be a presentation by a resident regarding ‘Walking in Walkington’ project, the resident did not attend the meeting.  Documents submitted prior to the meeting were discussed.
Resolved: The resident will be asked if the matter could be raised again in the new year as the Parish Council is currently operating under restricted circumstances due to the pandemic and hopefully things will have returned to a more normal state by then.

11.05 Chairman’s Communications

The Chairman urges all residents to take extra care due to the second wave of the
COVID-19 pandemic and asks residents not to take any risks.

20.11.06 Minutes of the Recent Meetings of the Parish Council

  1. Meeting minutes 1st September 2020 were approved subject to minor changes.
  2. Meeting minutes 6th October 2020 were approved subject to minor changes.
  3. Matters arising from the minutes

Item 20.11.13c Councillor Mrs Holdorf confirmed that the trees around the perimeter of the school have been cut. 

20.11.07 Community Safety Matters

The Crime Statistics Report was read and discussed.  Councillors reported a large robbery had taken place in Crake Wells and that the noticeboard outside the Village Hall had been broken into.
Resolved:  The Chairman urged all residents to lock their garages and to take exceptional care, he will also inspect the noticeboard for damage.

20.11.08 Planning Matters

  1. Applications

20/03171/PLF 34 Megson Way
Erection of a single storey extension to rear.
Resolved: The Parish Council has no objections to this application.

  1. Notices of Decision

Permission Granted:  20/02506/PLF 18 Hayward Close

Permission Granted:  20/02675/PLF West Hill, Hunsley Road

Permission Granted:  20/02575/PLF The Hayride, 47 West End

Permission Granted:  20/02480/PLF Belvoir, 30 Waudby Close

20.11.09 Tree Issues

  1. Applications
    20/03368/TCA All Hallows Church, Little Weighton Road

    Walkington Conservation Area.  Fell two conifer trees due to the trees outgrowing their current position and affecting the specimen native broad leaf trees in the surrounding area.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council has no objections to this application.
  2. Notices of Decision
  3. Other Tree Matters
  1. Tree Inspections
    Councillor Hearne reported that the Parish Council owns trees in Bluestone Bottoms, Fryars Copse, Kirk Lane (Lawson’s Paddock), Memorial Wood, Red Yats, Walkington Heads and around the village pond.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council will ask the Arboricultural Consultant Mark Feather of Beverley for a quote for providing a tree inspection report. 
  2. Trees and Hedges Red Yates Paddock
    This matter was deferred to the next meeting. 

iii.Kirk Lane Trees – Lawson’s Paddock
The contractor set a date of the 21st September 2020 to carry out the work to the trees but has been delayed by the planning department at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
Councillor Hearne will speak to the contractor.

20.11.10 East Riding of Yorkshire Council Matters

  1. Rough Sleeper Survey
    Councillors are asked to report to the Clerk if they are aware of any incidences of rough sleeping in the village on the evening of Wednesday 11th November into the morning of Thursday 12th November 2020.
  2. Code of Conduct Training
    East Riding of Yorkshire Council are providing free training for Councillors regarding the Code of Conduct, Registration and Declaration of Interests.
    Resolved:  Councillors will not be attending.

20.11.11 Village Improvements and Maintenance 

  1. Pond Fence Repair
    Councillor Hearne has reported a broken fence to the east side of the gate to the pond, he has made the fence safe but it requires more permanent work.
    Resolved: Councillors discussed the issue, no decision was made.
  2. Walkington Community Tech Swap
    The Parish Council was asked to promote a service which has been setup to help residents access technology equipment.
    Resolved: While the Parish Council considers the Tech Swap to be a helpful service to the community it cannot be seen to endorse or favour individual projects.  It was noted that the service has already been advertised in the village newsletter, blog and on the Facebook group and the Parish Council wishes the organiser every success.
  3. Cycle Path Obstruction Complaint
    The Parish Council received a complaint regarding residents leaving their rubbish bins on the cycle path and causing an obstruction to cyclists.
    Resolved:  The newsletter will be asked to place a notice asking residents to be careful where they place their bins in order to avoid an obstruction to cyclists.
  4. Pond Maintenance
    The Parish Council approved a quote for pond maintenance by Mr C Dixon at the October meeting 2019 (minute ref: 19.10.12a).  Mr Dixon did not receive his letter of confirmation and the work has not been started.
    Resolved: Mr Dixon will be asked to requote for the work and two other companies will also be asked for quotes.
  5. Proposed Sign for Bowls Club
    A resident asked the Parish Council for their opinion of a sign being placed on Sherwood and Waudby Charity land advertising the Bowling Club.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council are happy to abide by the decision of East Riding of Yorkshire Council on the matter and the resident will be notified.

20.11.12 Delegations

There were no reports from delegated Parish Council representatives.

20.11.13 Finance

    1. Monthly Finance Report
      The report was noted.
    2. Budget discussion for 2021-2022
      Further to requests from Councillors at the last meeting the Clerk submitted her copy of the employment contract signed by the Parish Council at the start of her employment in 2018 to confirm her starting pay scale.  The Clerk also confirmed that all wage and expense claims have been checked and signed by bank signatories.  The auditors have been supplied with all wage slips, contracts and expense claims up to 31st March 2020 and no discrepancies or irregularities have been reported.

      Councillors expressed that they would like to seek funding for hanging baskets in the village this year and to make an allowance in the budget for pond maintenance at an estimated annual cost of £400.  Councillors voted unanimously to increase the Parish Council precept rate by 14%. 
      Resolved:  The above changes will be incorporated in the draft budget for potential approval at the next meeting.
    3. Payments
      1. Total staff costs for the Clerk (inc. employer contributions) £1140.49
      2. Telephone calls £6.17
      3. Zoom subscription £14.38
      4. Photocopying £10.00
      5. Poppy Wreath £20.00
      6. East Riding Group, pest control £58.50

Resolved:  The above payments were approved.

    1. Payments for Approval
      Sherwood & Waudby Charity, rental of allotments and bus shelter £175.00
      Resolved:  The above order was approved.
    2. Internet Banking Procedures
      Councillors discussed the Internet Banking procedure.  Currently two bank signatories sign both the Internet Payment List and each invoice after checking details.  The bank statement is reconciled monthly with the Monthly Finance Report by a non-signatory.  Councillors were happy that conditions of the Financial Regulations are being met. 
      Resolved: Councillor Hearne is to be given access to the Internet Banking portal to act as a deputy to check the account should it be needed.  The Parish Council approved a rise of the daily internet banking payment limit to £2000.
    3. GDPR and Publication of Take Home Pay
      The SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks) advised that “Staff salaries should be reported in a way that disguises the individuals take home salary under GDPR” and recommended the grouping of transactions to accommodate this. 
      Resolved:  Councillors instructed salary details to be listed per employee and understands that for staff where the gross and net pay are the same this will involve listing the amount equal to individual take home pay.

20.11.14 Policies and Procedures

Website Accessibility and Statement Review
The website accessibility check and statement update are in progress.

20.11.15 Exclusion of the Public

The public and press were excluded from the meeting for discussions of a confidential nature.

20.11.16 Confidential Matters

  1. AGAR 2018-19
    Councillors discussed a further request from the external auditors regarding the 2018-19 audit and the decisions of the Council during this time.
    Resolved:  The Clerk will reply to the auditors with the provided answers.
  2. Clerk
    The latest draft version of the Clerk’s contract and job description, which includes all suggested amendments by the Parish Council and updated pay scale information was circulated to all Councillors for discussion and potential approval.  Councillors required further changes to the contract.  The Clerk informed the Parish Council that she is now also the Clerk and RFO for North Frodingham Parish Council.
    Resolved:  The Clerk will make the proposed changes to the contract for circulation and possible approval at the next meeting.
  3. Parish Council Employees Folder
    The Clerk has prepared a confidential folder for the Chairman to hold and pass on to his successor.  The folder contains all staff contracts, job descriptions, pay scale information and related documentation, to ensure the replacement of any documents that have been misplaced.

20.11.17 Date and Time of Future Meetings
Future meetings of the Parish Council will be:
Tuesday 1st December 2020, at 7:00pm
Tuesday 12th January 2020, at 7:00pm
It is anticipated that these will be virtual meetings, please contact the Clerk for further information.


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