Parish Council

Minutes of the virtual Annual Parish Council meeting held on 4 May 2021 at 7:00pm.

Councillors: Councillors Mrs Swann (Chairman), Hearne, Mrs Holdorf, Howard, Waterland, Waudby and Whistler

Also present: 2 members of the public and Ms Rose (Clerk)

Note: These minutes will require approval at the next meeting of the Parish Council.

20.05.01 Elections

  1. Election of Chairman
    Councillor Mrs V Swann was elected as Chairman.
  2. Appointment of Vice-chair
    Councillor Mr C Howard was appointed Vice-chair.
  3. Receipt of Acceptance of Office
    Acceptance of Office form for the Chairman was signed.

21.05.02 Apologies for Absence

Councillors Collinson and Ward Councillor Greenwood apologised for absences.

21.05.03 Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

21.05.04 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

  1. Approval of meeting minutes 6 April 2021
    Resolved:  The minutes were approved.
  2. Matters arising from the minutes

Planning application 21/00275/PLF Land to rear of Village Hall, 21 East End was considered by the Eastern Area Planning Sub Committee on 12 April 2021 and permission deferred.  Councillors would like more information regarding the requested structural report on the retaining wall.
Resolved:  The Clerk will contact Ward Councillor Greenwood.

21.05.05 Chairman’s Communications

The Chairman and Clerk presented the previous Chairman Mr David Drew with an ornamental cherry tree and an engraved plaque on behalf of the Parish Council, as a thank you for his many years of service, especially considering the exceptional circumstances of the previous year, and wished him well in the future.  Mr Drew expressed thanks saying it will remind him of his time on the Parish Council through the coming years. 

It was confirmed that as the government has not extended the provision for virtual meetings, future Parish Council meetings will be held face-to-face, the venue will depend on the opening of suitable facilities.

The Chairman welcomed Councillor Chris Howard as a member of the Parish Council.

21.05.06 Matters for Ward Councillors

  1. Beechborough Development
    There were no updates on the investigation into work being carried out on the site at weekends.
  2. 63 Beech View
    There were no updates to the investigation into the bricking up of a rear window where the new bricks do not match the existing bricks.

21.05.07 Public Participation 

There was no public participation

20.05.08 Review of Delegations

It was agreed that the following delegations and representations be made:

• Hornsea Four Onshore Substation Consultation Group – Councillor Mrs Swann

• Transport Champion – Councillor Mrs Swann 

• Defibrillator – Councillor Waudby

• Noticeboard – Councillor Mrs Holdorf

• Playing Field Association – Councillors Mrs Holdorf and Collinson

• Village Hall Committee – Councillors Hearne and Waudby

• Sherwood and Waudby Charity – Councillor Hearne

20.05.09 Dates of future meetings

Unless prevented by any future government restrictions, Parish Council meetings will return to the pre-pandemic schedule and be held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm.  There will not be a meeting in August.

21.05.10 Community Safety Matters

The crime statistics report was read and noted.

21.05.11 Planning Matters

  1. Applications
    There were no new planning applications.
  2. Decisions
    Permission granted – 20/03500/PLF Parking spaces to 17 and 19 West End
    Permission granted – 21/00344/PLF 27 George Lane
    Permission granted – 21/04291/PLF 21 All Hallow Road
    Permission granted – 21/00176/PLF 33 West End
    Permission granted – 21/00500/PLF Site of Walkington House, Townend Road

21.05.12 Tree Matters

  1. Applications

21/01479/TCA 2 Taylors Rise
Walkington conservation area – Remove a sycamore tree due to the tree being too big for its location and is on a steep sloping bank.
Resolved:  The Parish Council would like the tree officer to make a decision on this application with consideration to trees of a similar species replacing any removed trees where possible.

  1. Decisions
    No objections raised – 21/00882/TCA Feoffee Cottage, 25 West End
    No objections raised – 21/00964/TCA 19 West End
    No objections raised – 21/00949/TCA 19 West End
  2. Other Tree Matters:  Trees on Middlehowe Road
    Councillor Howard asked if the identification number of any of the replaced trees was known as several trees were originally donated by individuals who may want to thank Mr Carter and his family in person.
    Resolved:  Unfortunately, the trees were not labelled with identification numbers, however a letter of thanks has been sent to Mr Carter and his family from the Parish Council.

21.05.13 East Riding of Yorkshire Council Matters

Speeding Traffic on Broadgate
East Riding of Yorkshire Council has confirmed that the B1230 Broadgate area has been added to the list for a traffic survey.

21.05.14 Delegations

Playing Field Association
The Chairman of the Playing Field Association stated that there has been a couple of virtual meetings during lockdown to keep things ticking over and they will be holding car boot sales every two weeks from June.

21.05.15 Village Improvements and Maintenance 

  1. Pond Maintenance
    Councillor Hearne asked if the Parish Council would pay for a contractor to strim the grass around the pond.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council asked for quotes and evidence of public liability insurance, which will be considered at the next meeting.
  2. Sign at Pond
    The Pond Committee asked for permission to erect signs around the pond, the signs included an image of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council logo of a white rose and the word ‘Walkington’.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council refused permission.
  3. Tree Maintenance 

The winter tree inspection has been completed; the main survey will be carried out in the summer once the trees are in leaf.  The report indicates a tree on Kirk Lane needs further inspection.
Resolved:  The results of the inspection will be discussed at the next meeting and any action needed on Red Yats Paddock. 

  1. Townend Park
    Councillor Waterland will remove and store the temporary fence.
  2. Public Rights of Way
    Councillor Hearne expressed the need to protect Public Rights of Way and requested an item be placed on the next agenda for discussion.
  3. Christmas Lights
    The Christmas lights which were donated to the Pond Committee are being stored in Sherwood and Waudby Charity property, the Charity have expressed concern over liability for the lights.  The Parish Council insurance will only cover the lights if they are owned by the Parish Council. 
    Resolved:  The Pond Committee will be asked if it wants the Parish Council to take ownership of the lights.
  4. West Mill Rise, Grass Verge
    The Parish Council has received a request from a resident of West Mill Rise asking for the funding of bulbs and/or wild flowers for the grass verge.
    Resolved:  The request was refused as this is not Parish Council property and therefore the Parish Council does not have authority to allow planting.
  5. Ferguson and Fawsitt Arms

It was reported to the Parish Council that the front of the building is looking untidy with weeds growing and spoiling the view of the main street.

Resolved:  The owners will be contacted and asked if anything can be done. 

21.05.16 Finance

  1. Monthly Finance Report
  2. Payments

Ken Hearne, spray paint £13.89

Zoom subscription, ink, paper and stamps £82.63

East Riding Group, pest control £60.07

Defibrillator pads 48.02

Staff costs (inc. employer contributions) £1236.88

Resolved: The above payments were approved.

  1. Insurance Renewal
    The Parish Council insurance is due for renewal, quotes were received and reviewed from BHIB, Zurich and Came and Company.
    Resolved: The Parish Council approved a 3-year contract with BHIB, to be invoiced annually and approved payment of the first invoice of £723.18. 
  2. Banking Mandate
    A bank mandate change form has been requested from HSBC.
  3. Annual Governance and Accountability Returns
    The comments on the final reports for 2018-19 and 2019-20 were discussed.  The Parish Council considers the majority of comments to be related to the conduct of previous Parish Council members, new members are aware of their responsibilities and duties and have all signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office which states that they undertake to observe the Code of Conduct, the Code of Conduct includes registering and declaring interests.
    • The Parish Council will ensure that relevant boxes are ticked on future forms.
  • The Code of Conduct will be re-circulated to all Councillors with a copy of their Register of Interest form.  Councillors will sign to verify receipt of the code, to confirm forms have been checked for accuracy and that they understand and will ensure proper declarations of interests ae made on all relevant occasions in the future.
  • The Parish Council will ensure adequate Financial Regulations remain in place and are adhered to.

21.05.17 Virtual Meetings

The Government released a survey requesting information on the use of virtual meetings.
Resolved:  Individual Councillors can complete the survey.

21.05.18 Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be 1 June 2021, venue to be arranged.


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