Parish Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting

Date of meeting: 01 September 2020

Venue: Walkington Village Hall

Start time: 19:00

End time: 21:15

Councillors present: Councillors Drew (Chairman), Mrs Swann (Vice Chair), Mrs Boyle, Hearne, Mrs Holdorf, Whistler, Waterland and Waudby

Ward Councillors present: Councillor Mrs Greenwood

Absences without apologies: Councillor Collinson 

Also present: Ms Rose (Clerk)

Note: These minutes will require approval at the next meeting of the Parish Council.

20.09.01 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Ward Councillor Beaumont.  Councillor Collinson spoke to the Clerk prior to the meeting and confirmed that his computer is working and he is able to receive all documentation including the meeting summons and agenda via email and is able to attend either virtual or face-to-face meetings.

20.09.02 Declarations of Interest

  • Councillor Mrs Boyle declared an interest in item 20.09.05 (2a) planning application 20/02263/TCA 33 West End.
  • Councillors Drew, Hearne and Whistler declared interests in items 20.09.09c(v) and 20.0913d.  Councillors Hearne and Whistler are allotment holders and Councillors Drew and Hearne are on the Sherwood and Waudby Charity.

20.09.03 Matters for Ward Councillors

a) Sherwood Close – Parking bay application
The Parish Council has been contacted by a resident of Sherwood Close regarding his application to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for a parking bay.
Resolved: Ward Councillors will investigate.

b) Little Weighton Road – Stile on snicket to West Mill Rise
The stile on the entrance to the snicket is in poor condition and ownership of the path is unknown.
Resolved:  Ward Councillors are continuing with their enquiries.

c)Walkington School – Trees
Councillors reported trees around the perimeter of the school with low hanging branches which are considered to be a potential danger.
Resolved: Ward Councillors will investigate

d) Main Street – Gutters
Councillors reported that many of the gutters along the main street are full of rubbish and need clearing.
Resolved: Ward Councillors will investigate.

e) Beechborough – Construction traffic
Councillors reported that construction traffic exiting the site are turning left instead of right (as on the plans) and causing problems.
Resolved:  Ward Councillors will investigate.

f) East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning
The Parish Council wrote a letter to the planning department regarding the Eastern Area Sub-Committee Meeting on 10th August 2020.  A reply has not been received.
Resolved: Ward Councillors will investigate.

20.09.04 Public Participation


20.09.05 Chairman’s Communications

A Planning Application Report containing details of all planning applications and submitted comments since the last Parish Council meeting was circulated to Councillors and all items were approved.

The Chairman would like to thank all who have taken meals and assisted those in need during the pandemic.  He also expressed thanks to all involved in dealing with the planning application for the land to the rear of the Village Hall as the application has now been refused.

The Chairman expressed concern regarding the length of Parish Council meetings and proposed a two-hour limit with any business not discussed to be deferred until the next meeting, all Councillors agreed.  Councillors proposed that a planning sub-committee be formed, details of which will be discussed at the next meeting.

20.09.06 Minutes of the Recent Meetings of the Parish Council

  1. Meeting minutes 14 July 2020 were approved.
  2. There were no matters arising from the minutes.

20.09.07 Community Safety Matters

The Crime Statistics Report and Anti-social Behaviour Statistics were read and discussed.
Resolved: The reports were noted.

20.09.08 Planning Matters

  1. Applications
    1. 20/02480/PLF Belvoir, 30 Waudby Close
      Erection of single storey extension to side and external alterations to rear.
      Resolved: The Parish Council has no objections to this application.
    2. 20/02506/PLF 18 Hayward Close
      Erection of a single storey extension to side and rear.
      Resolved: The Parish Council has no objections to this application.
    3. 20/02414/PLF Side of Walkington House, Townend Road
      Erection of replacement dwelling with detached outbuildings for use as garages/stables and green house/potting shed, riding area, turnabout pen, grass paddocks and associated access, hard/soft landscaping.
      Resolved: The Parish Council has no objections to this application.

iv.20/03968/PLF 10 Hayward Close
Erection of two storey and single storey extensions to rear including roof terrace and porch extension to front (amended plans).
Resolved: In response to the amended plans the Parish Council repeated its previous comments as it still has concerns regarding the size of this extension in relation to the existing property and any trees that will need removing and wishes to ensure these matters are considered during decision making.

  • Notices of Decision
  1. Permission Granted: 20/01463/PLF Squirrels Leap 16a East End
  2. Permission Granted: 20/01426/PLF 21 Huzzard Close
  3. Permission Granted: 20/01073/STPLF A164 Jocks Lodge Junction
  4. Permission Granted: 20/01537/PLF 32 East End
  5. Permission Refused: 19/03424/PLF Land to rear of Village Hall, 21 East End
  1. Other Planning Matters

20/00007/ADVERT Land north east of Killingwoldgraves Roundabout
Notification of appeal: Display of 1 double sided internally illuminated ID Totem sign, 4 internally illuminated fascia signs (retail store) and 4 internally illuminated fascia signs (petrol filling station).
Resolved:  The Parish Council will not be submitting comments regarding this application.

20.09.09 Tree Issues

  1. Applications
  2. Notices of Decision
    1. Permission Granted – 20/01898/TPO 4 The Haven
    2. Permission Granted – 20/01958/TCO 1 George Lane
    3. No Objections Raised – 20/02263/TCA 33 West End
    4. Permission Granted – 20/01568/TPO – 18 Megson Way
    5. Permission Granted – 20/02076/TPO – 9 Waudby Close
  3. Other Tree Matters
  1. Tree Inspections
    BHIB Insurance has recommended bi-annual tree inspections.  A map of the village with conservation areas and tree protection order areas has been circulated to councillors.
    Resolved:  Councillor Hearne is to make a list of all Parish Council owned trees in preparation for the next meeting.  All Councillors offered to assist and visit sites as required.
  2. Trees and Hedges Red Yates Paddock
    Yorkshire Treecraft has submitted a quote for the work needed on the paddock.
    Resolved:  The quote will be discussed at the next meeting after Councillors have re-visited the site.
  3. Middlehowe Road Tree Replanting
    The Parish Council has been contacted by a resident offering to donate and replant the trees on Middlehowe Road as several have not survived.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council would like accept this generous offer and the resident will be asked to liaise with Councillor Hearne regarding the project.
  4. Kirk Lane Hedgerow (Lawson’s Paddock)
    The contractor has booked 21st September for the pruning of the large trees.
    Resolved: The Parish Council will monitor the situation.
  5. Dangerous Tree on Allotment
    Councillors reported a dangerous tree on the allotments that needs felling.  The land is rented from the Sherwood & Waudby Charity and they have agreed to pay half the costs which are estimated at £985.00.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council agreed that this is essential work and approved the payment for half of the cost of the felling.

20.09.10 East Riding of Yorkshire Council Matters

West End – Missing Curb Stone
Councillors reported a missing curb stone edging the grass verge close to Drumlin House 25 West End.
Resolved:  Councillor Mrs Swann will supply further details to the Clerk who will report the matter to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

20.09.11 Village Improvements

Pond – Pest Control
The pest control report for 19th August 2020 shows, bait taken from boxes and clearing of the weeds and bushes around the pond is in progress.
Resolved:  The Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation.

20.09.12 Delegations

  1. Village Hall
    The Charity Commission has advised the Village Hall Committee that there is no requirement to hold an Annual General Meeting this year due to restrictions caused by the pandemic.  The Chairman of the Village Hall Committee seeks the opinion of the Parish Council.  This item was discussed at the last meeting and Councillors indicated that they would be happy to abide by the opinion of the Charity Commission although a formal decision could not be made as the item was not on the agenda.
    Resolved:  The Parish Council are happy to abide by the opinion of the Charity Commission.
  2. Hornsea Four Offshore Wind Farm
    Dates for the latest consultation period ends on 8th September 2020, details have been circulated to councillors and are available on the Hornsea Four website:
    Resolved:  The Parish Council has no comments to make on this consultation.

20.09.13 Finance

    1. Monthly Finance Report
      :  The report was noted.
    2. Budget Review Report
      Review of first quarter of the 2020-21 budget.
      Resolved:  The report was noted.


  1. Staff costs £1179.20
  2. Administration £40.10
  3. All Hallows, donation £1500.00
  4. Walkington Methodist, Church room hire £22.50
  5. East Riding Group, pest control £117.00
  6. Rackham’s Accountants, internal audit fees £372.00

All the above have been previously approved.

d) Purchases
A payment of £492.50 to the Sherwood and Waudby Charity for half the cost of felling a tree on the allotment has been requested and approved (item 20.09.09c(v).

e) Village Hall Donations
The Village Hall committee has requested that the Parish Council reserve £2500 per year for ongoing refurbishment costs.
 Resolved: The Parish Council discussed the request and would like to express that it believes that the Village Hall is a valuable asset to the village and would like to give support where possible and although it is unable to reserve a regular annual sum it would be happy to consider any applications for funding on a case by case basis.

f) Zoom Subscription
 The next monthly subscription for zoom meetings is due on 8th September and will go ahead unless cancelled.
Resolved:  The Parish Council will continue with the subscription for the time being.

20.09.14 Policies and Procedures

a)  Delegations and Representations Policy
The policy has been updated with the details discussed at the last meeting.

b) Website Accessibility and Statement Review
Websites must now meet accessibility standards and publish an accessibility statement, which needs reviewing at least annually.
Resolved:  The Parish Council assessed that a detailed audit of the website by an external supplier would be a disproportionate burden and therefore the Clerk will carry out a basic check for accessibly and update the accessibility statement.  

20.09.15 Miscellaneous

Councillor Waterland reported that he and his children have cleared the bus shelter on East End, opposite the entrance to Autherd Garth of all rubbish and dead branches.  The Parish Council thanked and commended them for their efforts.

20.09.16 Exclusion of the Public

The public and press were excluded from the meeting for discussions of a confidential nature.

20.09.17 Confidential Matters

a) Cleaner
The position for the Cleaner has been advertised on the noticeboard with no response.
Resolved: The village newsletter will be asked to advertise the vacancy.

The National Joint Council has agreed a pay rise of 2.75% for government workers to be backdated to 1st April 2020.  The contract review and appraisal for the Clerk are pending.
Resolved:  The pay rise was noted and the contract review and appraisal will be performed at the end of the next meeting.

c) AGAR 2018-19
The external auditors have requested more information regarding the 2018-19 audit and the decisions of the Council during that time.  Councillors discussed the questions and provided information for the response.
Resolved: The Parish Council is to submit a response to the questions asked.

20.09.18 Date and Time of Future Meetings
Tuesday 6th October 7pm venue to be arranged


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