Walkington Parish Council has recently set-up  it’s own website. The website will allow village residents to access  current and recent parish council minutes and agendas, plus other documents the Parish Council wants circulating such as information posters from various groups including the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. As yet there is no contact information about our councillors; however, this information will remain available on the walkington-life blog under the menu item “Parish Council.’

The website has been established under a community site called parish-council.com which offers a variety of options for prospective sites. To access the new site type www.parish-council.com and the organisation’s homepage will load. Then on the left hand side click on ‘Sites on the System’ and then from the left hand list select ‘Walkington Parish Council.’  If you think you will be a frequent visitor it would be advisable to add the web address to ‘Your Favourites List.’

I think as the site is relatively new, it may be still under evaluation by the Parish Council and therefore not the finished article. The suggestions I would make are; the header needs a photo of the village, a members contact page should be included, as well as a page for the dates of future Parish Council meetings.



Posted on: 2, April, 2019 | Author: editor
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  1. Perhaps it should also include photos of the councillors!

  2. Steady on Irene!!

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