As summer comes to an end I would like to take this opportunity to summarise all the changes which have taken place since we began our major overhaul of the village pond and express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all the people who have given us so much help and encouragement. It was a drastic step to take and I fully understand the concerns people had when work began but many of them have since graciously stated that they have had a change of heart and believe that the work has been carried out for all the right reasons. So many individuals and groups have contributed and I would therefore like to formally acknowledge the following:

  • First and foremost the villager whose wonderful donation allowed us to carry out the re-planting programme which will be a magnificent legacy for future generations.
  • Walkington Parish Council who funded various works including renewing parts of the bank, refurbishment of the steps at the East end and placing of coir rolls with water plants around the pond perimeter and islands and also provided a new pump for the waterfall.
  • Paul Barbor who donated an irrigation system without which it would have been an impossible task to keep the trees watered during last summer’s exceptionally hot weather. Thanks also to Clive Dixon and Andy Todd for their help in keeping the system running when the weeds threatened to block up the pump and pipe-work and the provision/fitting of a new electrical junction box.
  • Lesley Henderson who donated over two thousand daffodil bulbs which in spring provided us with a magnificent spectacle of colour
  • Bob Wride for the wonderful duck house which he made for us after the previous one went to a watery grave.

  • Rob Porter for the various signs and notices placed around the pond and also for coordinating the provision and placing of a picnic bench in memory of Gavin Brennan who was a great supporter of the pond committee and who sadly passed away early this year
  • The Walkington Panto Players who always include us with an annual donation for our duck feed and who additionally donated money for the purchase of new ducks which I recently collected from Spalding and who are now enjoying their new home. There are three pairs – one each of Mandarins, Silver Mandarins and Carolinas.
  • All the willing volunteers who have helped and continue to help with Xmas lights, weeding, bulb planting and the many other jobs which are necessary to keep on top of the never ending work
  • If I have missed anyone please know that your help is always appreciated

And finally my sincere gratitude goes to the Pond Committee for their continuous support. Without them the work we have undertaken would have been an impossible task. We all have one aim and that is to continue to help keep Walkington the wonderful and unique place to live that it always has been.

Steve Dowler – Walkington Pond Committee

Editor’s Note: Thanks Steve, to you and all the Pond Committee, and helpers for all your dedicated work to keep the pond looking so attractive all year long. It’s good to see the waterfall is in full flow again.

Posted on: 31, October, 2019 | Author: editor
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