The February round of the Village Quiz took place on Friday night (15th) and included teams representing the Pantomime Players, the Methodists and the Awesome Foursome; the Awesome are a village scratch team put together to make up the numbers. The match was the last semi final and so, the winners, would go on to the Grand Finale.

The audience, though small, were very appreciative and keen to offer support to all the teams. 

As usual the quizmaster was Dennis Johnson and the scores were kept by Anne Brookes. An excellent set of questions set by Harry Holdorf, provided a wide range of interesting subjects with something for everyone. Rounds included questions on Abbreviations and Acronyms, County Towns, Global Matters, Inventions, Pot Luck Proverbs to mention a few. As a member of the Awesome Foursome team I came unstuck with a question about county towns. What is the county town of North Yorkshire? I answered Harrogate, but in fact, it’s Northallerton.

The quiz got off to an amusing start when Dennis mistakenly using the questions from the previous quiz to the very grateful Awesome Foursome, because those questions had been set by Mike Brookes, the captain of the Awesomes. Once the error had been realised the quiz was restarted.

After the first round the three teams were all level on 6 points. However, from that point on the Awesome Foursome took the lead and eventually ran out the winners scoring 64 points; the Waudby and Sherwood Trust were second on 56 points with the Methodists on 47. The final will be played on 15th March2019.

The biggest laugh of the night went to the Sherwood and Waudby Trust when a team member was asked, who built Windsor Castle? The answer was given as ‘Norman, the Conqueror.’

The Awesome Foursome: Mike, Keith, Peter and Bill


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