For those regular blog readers, with long memories, you may remember this planning application that first appeared on the blog in October 2015. Yes… even before Brexit!  At that time the planning application was to build 14 dwellings on the land behind the Village Hall. The plan was opposed by both the Walkington Parish Council and East Riding Council and subsequently the planning application was reduced to 12 dwellings, which was again refused.  There have also been petitions opposing the application submitted by the Village Shop and Age Concern’s Drop In Centre, located in the Village Hall. The main grounds for refusal have remained the same; namely, the effect the application would have on highway and pedestrian safety and the effect it would have on the sustainability of the shop/post office and the Village Hall. 

However, the developer then appealed the decision of East Riding Council, to the Secretary of State, and in December 2016, the Government Inspector upheld the appeal and agreed to the development of 12 new houses on the site.

Site of the Planning Application

It is now with considerable surprise that the blog has to report that the developer has now submitted a planning application (19/03424/PLF) to build 16 dwellings on the site behind the Village Hall. 

This area of land behind the Village Hall was included in the current Local Plan for housing development and most people accept that this plot of land would be developed at some stage, However, many Walkington residents would have hoped that the proposed housing development would have due regard for preserving or enhancing the special character and appearance of the Walkington Conservation Area and its setting. The Government Inspector agreed to the development of 12 new houses on the site, not 16. It is not as though the issues of highway and pedestrian safety, or the viability of the Shop and Village Hall have been successfully addressed, they have not. There is also further concern that the updated development does not take the recommendations, made by the Inspector, fully into account..

One of the main concerns outlined some time ago by the Parish Council related to the need to provide good visibility for vehicles entering and leaving the new development. The view was expressed that there may be no alternative other than removing the on-street parking spaces next to the shop and village hall. This would be achieved by painting double yellow lines by the shop down to the Barrel Pub. If this were to happen he loss of convenience parking would definitely have a negative impact on the Shop, the Village Hall and the pub.

These amenities provide a central point to the village and any loss would have a detrimental impact on the centre of the village and village life. If you would like to  view the application in greater detail, or make a comment to the East Riding Council, go to the link below and type into the search box the planning reference number  19/03424/PLF –  to make a comment you will have to register.

The final date for comments from members of the public has been moved back to 9th December 2019.

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  1. FullPlanning Application 19/03424/PLF – PERMISSION REFUSED by ERYC because it would not be in-keeping with the character and appearance of this part of the village and would result in less than substantial harm to the setting of the Walkington Conservation Area. The blog awaits the next iteration with interest!!

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