This poem was written by Arita Price of Walkington and appeared in the October 1975 edition of The Newsletter. I hope you’ll like it.

My God…
there, stands your monument
so well within my view!
Why then, and who was she for whom the bell
toiled solemnly?
How sad does your love have to make me?
How many tasks, and what…
more than fact, do you ask?
I thought I knew!
Yet so solemnly, the bell did toll and toll till
my thoughts twixt grief and gardening and the old
shared with the new.
And it was too late to speak to the lady now…
So, to where it was warm and shady
I stole away.
To reverence the passing of the hour and day
and if spirits there be,
to thank her and Thee and the bell with its
doleful ringing,
and for my garden with its view
and for hearts that be touched still
with longing to carry out your will.


Posted on: 2, September, 2021 | Author: editor
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2 Responses to From The Archives – Within View Of Our Church
  1. That is a lovely poem by Arita, she lived with her husband Peter at “The Small House”, on Beverley Road. Arita was a talented artist and was on the steering committee for the first village art exhibition in the 1970’s
    The exhibition, held over Easter week-End was a huge success and enjoyed each year for a number of years.

  2. Thanks Christine. I totally agree a lovely poem and some interesting information on Arita. The first Art Exhibition in Walkington – there’s an idea for a post.

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