With the current restrictions on leaving home and the complete shutdown of village events, it is proving increasingly challenging to keep the walkington-life blog updated with interesting content. And, as we know, for blogs worldwide, ‘content is king.’

Putting on our thinking caps we need ideas to keep the blog interesting. So far, those ideas include firstly, the weekly Self Isolation Walkington Brain Teaser. The first two have proven to be very popular with over 200 people attempting the first one to identify the countries.

Secondly, there is always the option to delve into our substantial archive, some five years worth of posts now, and re-post some of the most popular stories.

Thirdly, as the Newsletter has been forced to cease publication, for the time being, the blog will be pleased to post any content that would normally be destined for the monthly Newsletter.

And finally, maybe you can help. What me? Yes you! If you have a good idea, a story to tell; something to do with self isolation, or staying at home with the kids;  a poem; a recipe for these difficult times; or an item for our funny but true category; please don’t hesitate to pop it, via email, to the blog. The email is, as usual, editor@walkington-life.co.uk.

Posted on: 8, April, 2020 | Author: editor
Categories: Editorial

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